Dark Age Spoiler Chat: We Need To Talk About Lysander

Major Dark Age spoilers ahead!

One of the reasons the Red Rising series is so satisfying is how layered the story is. On the surface, it might be easy to see one good side and one evil, but zoom in a tiny bit and the pieces quickly begin to separate into something much more complex. The same could be said for Lysander au Lune. He’s probably an easy character to dislike at this point in the story, but he’s also fascinating, with a trajectory that’s impossible to predict.

Spoiler alert: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS from Dark Age and the books before it. If you’re not caught up, please kindly take your leave.

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Pierce Brown Just Teased An Update Coming By The End Of The Month

See October 31 update midway through the article.

A Red Rising update of some sort is coming, and based on some of the things Pierce Brown said on Twitter today, it may very well be the news we’ve been waiting for. Are we less than a month away from learning the fate of the highly anticipated potential Red Rising TV show? Here’s what we know…

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Pierce Brown On Brainstorming Red Rising Book 6 And Refilling The Tank

This article contains NO spoilers from Dark Age.

Though Dark Age has only just released, I doubt I’m alone in being very excited to hear any tidbits Pierce Brown might have to offer about the yet-to-be-titled sixth book in the Red Rising series. Brown has been on tour to promote Dark Age over the past couple of weeks. Naturally, fans have already begun asking about Red Rising Book 6.

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5 (Spoiler-Free) Reasons Dark Age Is Bloodydamn Fantastic

Dark Age has arrived. We’ve waited well over a year for the fifth book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series to release, and I feel confident in saying that Dark Age is worth every extra day it took to get here, and then some. Four books in, I feel like I should be used to this rollercoaster of emotions, and yet nothing really prepared me for the ride Pierce Brown took us on with the latest installment.

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