Pierce Brown On Brainstorming Red Rising Book 6 And Refilling The Tank

This article contains NO spoilers from Dark Age.

Though Dark Age has only just released, I doubt I’m alone in being very excited to hear any tidbits Pierce Brown might have to offer about the yet-to-be-titled sixth book in the Red Rising series. Brown has been on tour to promote Dark Age over the past couple of weeks. Naturally, fans have already begun asking about Red Rising Book 6.

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5 (Spoiler-Free) Reasons Dark Age Is Bloodydamn Fantastic

Dark Age has arrived. We’ve waited well over a year for the fifth book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series to release, and I feel confident in saying that Dark Age is worth every extra day it took to get here, and then some. Four books in, I feel like I should be used to this rollercoaster of emotions, and yet nothing really prepared me for the ride Pierce Brown took us on with the latest installment.

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Previously, In Iron Gold: Here’s Where Everything Left Off

Those of us who haven’t managed to snag an early copy of Dark Age have a very short wait before Red Rising Book 5 finally arrives. In an effort to prepare for whatever’s coming next, I did a full reread of Iron Gold. I fully recommend revisiting the book before diving into Dark Age, as so much transpires throughout the start of this new trilogy. The character development in Iron Gold‘s ten-years-later scenario is reason enough on its own to do a full reread. However, if you don’t have the time, or simply can’t wait to get to the next installment in Pierce Brown’s epic series, I thought I’d put together a bit of a refresher on where things left off in Iron Gold.

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