The Red Rising: Sons Of Ares Audio Production Is Available For Pre-Order

Less than a week ago, Red Rising author Pierce Brown and the Sons of Ares graphic novel script writer Rik Hoskin discussed plans for an audio production of the prequel series. Now it’s available for pre-order, with a November release date for Volume 1.

First and foremost, Howlers, if you’re out of the loop on Dynamite Comics’ Sons of Ares graphic novels and how they fit into the Red Rising canon, check out this article for some basic information about Volume 1. We’ve since gotten Volume 2 and official confirmation from Pierce Brown himself that Volume 3 is on the way.

During that conversation, Rik Hoskin mentioned that, earlier this year, he penned the script for an audio version of Sons of Ares. On Tuesday, Pierce Brown retweeted the pre-order link for GraphicAudio‘s planned release for Sons of Ares Volume 1, which is happening November 23, 2020. Volume 2 is set for a December release.

Here’s what else we know…

It doesn’t sound like your typical audiobook

As exciting as it was to hear that Sons of Ares was being adapted to audio, I was also curious about how they’d turn the comics into an audio production. We now have a bit more to go on. According to GraphicAudio’s description:

Adapted from the graphic novel and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music.

Bring on the kabooms! We’re getting sound effects and music, along with different actors to voice the roles.

While there doesn’t appear to be a trailer for GraphicAudio’s production of Sons of Ares (yet, anyway), you can get a sample of their style by checking out some of the other trailers on their YouTube channel.

Volume 1 is estimated to be about 4 hours long

GraphicAudio lists the estimated running time as four hours, which is an impressive length, considering the size of Volume 1. But it’s also somewhat understandable, when we factor in the absence of imagery to tell the story in this adaptation. When Pierce Brown and Rik Hoskin spoke about the project, Brown mentioned being surprised by the page length of the script. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the story is filled out in audio form.

It’s only going to be available through GraphicAudio

Sorry, Audible subscribers, but from what GraphicAudio tweeted in response to a fan’s inquiry, they will be the only ones who have this audio production available. It’s priced at $19.99 for the digital format, which can be listed to through Access app. Those who want to receive an MP3 version can add that on to their purchase.

GraphicAudio’s production of Red Rising: Sons of Ares Volume 2 – Wrath is coming in December

GraphicAudio also has Sons of Ares Volume 2 available for pre-order, with a release date of December 28, 2020. Like Volume 1, the estimated running time is also four hours long.

Pre-order both over at

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