Red Rising: Sold Out Valentine’s Day Cards & Bloodydamn Conversation Hearts… And A Red Rising Game Is Coming

While we anxiously await news about Red Rising Book 6, the potential TV show that is hopefully still in the works and whatever else author Pierce Brown might be cooking up, there have been some fun updates in the Red Rising fandom of late. Among them, a pre-Valentine’s Day merch drop and the announcement of a Red Rising game that’s coming.

The Red Rising Valentine’s Day Merch Drop

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Red Rising fans were treated to some new limited edition merchandise at the Shit Escalates shop. In collaboration with Nerdy Ink, Pierce Brown and Joel Daniel Phillips released a set of Valentine’s Day cards sporting sayings from the Red Rising series, some of which are more romantic than others. There were 750 prints of the “I Will Love You Until The Sun Dies” card, which was included in the set of six, and could also be purchased separately. Only 500 first edition prints of the other cards — which include “Break The Chains My Love” and a “Foxy” Cassius card — were available, all sold together in the set.

The set of cards and the solo “I Will Love You Until The Sun Dies” card have since sold out. Still currently available for sale are the conversation hearts, which include five sayings, including “Bloody Damn,” “Foxy Beast” and “Mangy Angel.”

You’ll also find plenty of great made-to-order items at the Shit Escalates shop, including masks, hats, hoodies and mugs.

The Red Rising Board Game

Announced this week, Stonemaier Games has a Red Rising board game in the works. Designed by Jamey Stegmaier and Alexander Schmidt with art by Jacqui Davis, Miles Bensky, and Justin Wong, Stonemaier describes the game:

“Enter the futuristic universe of Red Rising, based on the book series by Pierce Brown featuring a dystopian society divided into 14 castes. You represent a house attempting to rise to power as you piece together an assortment of followers (your hand of cards). Will you break the chains of the Society or embrace the dominance of the Golds?”

Exciting! No release date for the Red Rising game has been announced yet, however preorders for the Red Rising Collector’s Edition will start in March. If you want to keep up to date on the game’s release, Stonemaier has an option to sign up for notifications on the game’s page. They also have a fun Red Rising House Selection test, if you’re curious about which Institute House you’d end up in.

The Blazing World Premiered At Sundance

And finally, in non-Red Rising news, The Blazing World made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival on January 31. Directed, starring and co-written by Carlson Young, Pierce Brown co-wrote the script for The Blazing World, which was based on Young’s 2018 short of the same name. For those who didn’t get to catch the premiere or second viewing during the Sundance Film Festival, hopefully the movie will make its way to theaters and/or VOD or a streaming platform at some point.

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