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Regularly updated with everything ahead for Red Rising. LAST UPDATED February 2019.

More Red Rising books and comics are coming, and a Red Rising TV show is in development. In an effort to keep all the updates straight, here’s a helpful guide for what’s ahead for Pierce Brown’s series. I’ll keep it updated as new information comes in… 

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Dark Age (Red Rising Book 5)

Due out: July 30, 2019

The fifth book in the Red Rising series and direct sequel to Iron Gold, Dark Age, was originally slated to arrive this Fall, however that date was pushed back to February 2019, and then later pushed back to July 9, 2019 and then delayed again (slightly) to July 30, 2019. In addition to bringing back the original four POV characters, Mustang will also be a point of view this time around. That alone is worth the extra wait. Pre-order it here.

Will there be a Dark Age audiobook?

Yes, the Dark Age audiobook is already available for preorder on Audible. The narrator line is presently listed as TBD, but I’m willing to bet Tim Gerard Reynolds (Darrow), John Curless (Ephraim), Julian Elfer (Lysander) and Aedin Moloney (Lyria) will return to reprise their narrating rules in Dark Age. Here’s hoping, anyway. And there will presumably be a fifth narrator to handle the Mustang POV.

Audible has the length of the book listed as 13 hours and 15 minutes, but considering publication has been delayed for more edits, the length of the book will probably change. I’m skeptical of it regardless. Thirteen hours and change is about ten hours shorter than Iron Gold‘s audiobook. Heck, it’s 3 hours shorter than the first Red Rising audiobook (the shortest of all of the books in the series). For reference, Penguin Random House currently has Dark Age listed as 480 pages, which is about 20 pages longer than Golden Son. If that page number is even close to accurate, it would mean the audiobook would presumably be in the 19-20 hour ballpark, taking into account the length of Golden Son. Again though, both the audiobook length and page number listed are likely to be updated once we get closer to release, so we’ll see.

Morning Star Sub Press

Subterranean Press Edition Of Morning Star

Expected release: March 2019

Subterranean Press still has copies of their limited, numbered edition of Morning Star available for pre-order. As of late-January, they were nearly sold out.

The signed/lettered edition was up for pre-order to those who purchased the signed/lettered edition of Golden Son. However, that has since sold out.

Tommy Arnold made prints for the Red Rising and Golden Son Sub Press artwork available for sale for a very limited time. Hopefully he’ll do the same for the Morning Star artwork. I’ll update if/when there’s information on that.

Series 2 of the Sons of Ares Comics

Due out: TBD

It’s been confirmed that we’re going to get more Sons of Ares comics. No other information is available on the continuation of the prequel series, apart from the fact that more are coming. Hopefully soon, because there’s certainly more story to be told about the start of the Rising.

Untitled (Red Rising Book 6)

Due out: TBD

Red Rising Book 6 doesn’t have a release date or a title, but we expect one more book to close out the new trilogy.

Iron Gold arrived in January of 2018, and Dark Age is set for a July 2019 release. So it stands to reason that we might expect Red Rising Book 6 to hit shelves sometime in 2020. That’s just speculation though, so we’ll see. It may take Pierce Brown a bit longer to wrap this new trilogy up. Maybe we’ll get something a bit less morbid sounding than Dark Age for the title.

Shit will undoubtedly escalate.

Darrow Iron Gold

The Red Rising TV Show

Red Rising was originally set to be a movie from Universal, however it’s since been moved to the small screen and is currently in the development stage. Making a TV show can be a complicated process, and a long one depending on where it’s hoping to land. So it’s no surprise that substantial updates have been few and far between.

We don’t yet know exactly where the Red Rising TV series may end up, but Brown has said it’ll be a streaming service (Eg. Amazon, Apple, etc.) and that he’s working with a director to get it off the ground. He also recently stated that we’d be hearing an update on it soon, and that the budget is expected to be big. Beyond that, we’re still waiting for word on who’s lined up to be its showrunner. And of course, we’re anticipating the inevitable casting frenzy that will surely ensue if/when this project moves forward.

Pierce Brown Signings and Appearances

Pierce Brown will be at Denver Pop Culture Con 2019, which takes place from May 31 – June 2. According to DPCC’s site, he’ll be appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday, presumably for a signing. If/when there’s panel information, we’ll update.

Pierce Brown recently attended New York Comic-Con for multiple autograph signings and a ticketed event.  You can read all about the panel here. We’re hoping there will be a book tour and/or a release event ahead of Dark Age similar to HowlerFest, but there’s been no official word on either yet. We’ll post an update here if we hear any updates as July 2019 approaches.

Recently Released

Subterranean Press’s Edition of Golden Son

There are still copies available of Subterranean Press’s edition of Golden Son. The signed limited edition of the second book in the original Red Rising trilogy can be pre-ordered for $80 over at SubterraneanPress.com. Copies began shipping in October and have since sold out.


Barnes & Noble’s Exclusive Red Rising Edition

Released: October 23, 2018

Currently available for purchase, Barnes & Noble has released an exclusive edition of the original Red Rising book, signed by Howler 1 himself, Pierce Brown. This exclusive edition of Red Rising is hardcover and in addition to the House Mars cover, it also includes five black-and-white illustrations from French artist Magali Villeneuve, as well as a new preface from Pierce Brown and Institute House Sigil end pages. The preface alone is well worth buying the book. Unsigned copies of Barnes & Noble’s exclusive edition of  Red Rising can be purchased in stores and online. Signed copies are available online only, while supplies last.

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