Pierce Brown Shared A New Update On Red Rising Book 6

In a few months, it’ll be two years since Dark Age arrived. Since Red Rising Book 5’s July 2019 debut, fans have eagerly awaited the next installment to the series. Today, Pierce Brown shared an update on his progress with the yet-to-be-titled Red Rising Book 6. From the sound of it, taking the right steps forward in the writing process required taking a few steps back. Or about two-hundred pages back, based on what the author said in a recent Instagram post. 

Take a look at the post Pierce Brown shared on his Instagram today:

It sounds like Pierce Brown has been hard at work on the upcoming Red Rising book, however as he put it, somewhere along the way, he “chose the wrong damn path” and ended up scrapping over 200 pages in order to steer the story in the right direction. To put it in his words, he “found the right and true path through to the saga’s conclusion.” 

Just the thought of how this series is going to end is exciting. But it sounds like it’s still too soon to know when Book 6 will be released, as it’s still being written.

So we will continue to wait. And that’s ok as far as I’m concerned, as it sounds like the author is feeling optimistic about the trajectory of the story, which is a good sign. And really, it’s just great to hear an update on how things are going in the process.

A New Red Rising Merch Drop Is Coming

In other news, those who want to keep up to date on what’s coming up at Pierce Brown and artist Joel Daniel Phillips’ “Shit Escalates” Red Rising shop, can now follow the store’s official Instagram feed (@shit_escalates). Right now, the items that are available in the store are all of the made-to-order variety, however a new limited edition merch drop is currently scheduled for May 7 at 1pm EST. So keep an eye out for that. While we don’t know exactly what’s being sold, Pierce Brown did share this tease back in March. 

It appears they’re collaborating with King Charles Forge for something that can fit inside a very nice looking red box. The sticker on the bottom shows two scythes crossing one another. I’m not sure what the new merch drop will be, but based on King Charles Forge’s Instagram page, it looks like scythes, swords and knives are their thing, so that’s both intriguing and exciting. We’ll know what it is in a matter of weeks. 

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