The Red Rising Board Game: Take A Look At Two Of The Character Cards

Less than a week after it was officially announced that Stonemaier Games would be releasing a Red Rising board game for Howlers to sink their teeth into, we’re now seeing glimpses of the game and how it’s played. While we have to wait until March to preorder, I had the opportunity to take a peek at two of the character cards for the game. And they just so happen to be two of the most brilliant characters in the Red Rising series, in my humble opinion.

Take a look at the character cards for Mustang and Orion below:

Mustang is amazing, and her card reflects that pretty perfectly. Meanwhile, Orion remains one of my — if not my absolute — favorite characters from the series, so it’s great to see her in all of her Blue glory on a game card.

Character cards are part of the game play for this new board game. Per the information on the Stonemaier Games site, there are 112 character cards included. The game also involves house tiles and tokens. Artwork for the game is by Jacqui Davis, Miles Bensky, and Justin Wong.

Full disclosure, I’m not the most experienced with board games, beyond the classics (anyone for a game of Clue?), but this has me very intrigued. And honestly, if anything is going to get me to dive into the complex and strategic world of games like these, it’s Red Rising, so bring it bloodydamn on.

Learn More About The Red Rising Board Game

If you’re interested in getting more information on how this Red Rising Board Game is played, game designer Jamey Stegmaier has a great diary published, which breaks down the development of the game. He also gets into how it’s played and gives us more glimpses of the cards, board and tokens. So if you want to see what some of the other character cards look like (including Darrow, Eo and Sevro!) check that out here.

It’ll be exciting to see what other updates he shares on this new game as March approaches.

Speaking of updates, if you haven’t already, you can sign up for email notifications over on the Red Rising Board Game page. For every email they collect between now and February 16, 2021, Stonemaier Games will donate a dollar to the ACLU.

The Red Rising Board Game preorders will start in March (official date TBD).

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