Red Rising Book 6 News Is Coming (and soon, from the sound of it)

A Red Rising Book 6 announcement is coming, Howlers! A few months ago, Pierce Brown hinted that “announcements” were coming in July. More recently, he specified that Book 6 news was coming on July 22nd, which just so happens to be the same day the Red Rising author is set to appear at San Diego Comic-Con. In fact, based on the schedule for the event, it looks like he’ll have his very own panel at the convention. Before we get to that…

Here’s Pierce Brown’s post from July 7th:

As the caption states:

Book six news coming July 22nd. Until then, I sit in French window, existential.

Pierce Brown (Instagram Post)

As for what this news is, we can only guess. But Howlers have been eagerly awaiting an update on the anticipated sixth book in the Red Rising series. We still don’t know the official title for the novel, nor do we know the release date. Will either or both of those bits of information be revealed on July 22nd? We don’t have long to wait to find out.

Pierce Brown at SDCC

For those with a badge to attend SDCC this year, it looks like Pierce Brown will be participating in more than one panel. He’s listed in the description for Crafting the Future: Transgressing Genres in Science Fiction, a panel that features Charlie Jane Anders, Ryka Aoki, Blake Crouch and Paul Cornell, in addition to Pierce Brown. That one’s set to take place on July 22 at 11 a.m. Also scheduled on Friday, July 22 at 12 p.m. is the panel Spotlight on Pierce Brown . From the description, Pierce Brown and author Wesley Chu (The Art of Prophecy) will be talking about the Red Rising series, “including the upcoming sixth installment in the series, and the future of Darrow.” 

It also looks like Pierce Brown will be doing autograph signings at SDCC, so if you’re planning to attend the event and hoping to see Howler 1, be sure to look at the schedule for more information on when and where he’ll be appearing and additional information on the autograph signings. (Note: A badge is needed to attend panels and autograph signings and space is typically limited. Per the SDCC website, a badge does not guarantee you access to a panel or a spot in line for an autograph.)

And then there’s this post, which was shared by Lit Escalates (formerly Shit Escalates) and Pierce Brown and teases the in-person drop they’ll be doing at SDCC with Spoke Art: 

Very cool!

So those Howlers who have a pass to attend SDCC this year have a few Red Rising-related things to try to check out during the event. 

As for the rest of us, we’ll surely be waiting to hear word about this announcement as our anticipation for the sixth Red Rising book continues to build. 

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