Did Pierce Brown Just Tease A Glimpse Of Red Rising Book 6?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a solid update about the sixth book in the Red Rising series. We know that author Pierce Brown has been working on it this year, however, updates on its progress have been few and far between. That’s understandable, especially during these uncertain times. However, Pierce Brown did drop a screenshot on his Instagram stories this week that appears to be the start of Red Rising Book 6.

The photo appeared to be a picture of a computer screen with a very limited view of some text (cut off at both sides so full sentences couldn’t be seen). Specifically:


The Fear Knight

ge, the knight descends on t

 by Earth, fueled Mars no

a fortress.

opal infected with electric

il she pixelates into cities a

en in shackles but only eve


e whispers to make himself

A line from H…(indiscernible) 

The last line was was cut off at the bottom, so part of it was indiscernible.

Without a caption from Brown outright stating it, beyond the words “In progress 🙈” at the top, I want to leave some wiggle room for this not to be Book 6. With that said, what else could it be? Operating under the assumption that it is the start of Book 6…

What does this tell us about Book 6?

What does it tell us beyond a few fragments of sentences?

My first thought was, wait, is The Fear Knight — aka Atlas Au Raa — going to be a new POV in Red Rising Book 6? We do know that Brown is planning to introduce at least one new point of view into the story. And if you look at the start of Dark Age, the prologue is subtitled “Darrow”…

But I don’t think we have enough to go on to know for sure.

While Atlas could turn out to be a POV character, I don’t think the Instagram story photo confirms it. There isn’t even enough text to reveal if this is written in the first person at all. It very well could be a third person narrative. We’ve seen the third person narrative used at the start of a Red Rising book before. Specifically Iron Gold. Dark Age started off with Mustang’s POV before moving to its Darrow prologue. So this may just be the stage-setting to kick things off.

Whether or not Atlas is a POV character remains to be confirmed, but it does look like we’ll be starting off Book 6 with the Fear Knight front and center.

We still don’t have a release date for Red Rising Book 6. Given that it’s still being written, that may be a ways off. But if this screenshot is, in fact, a look at the start of Book 6, we know that it’s, at the very least, in progress.

3 thoughts on “Did Pierce Brown Just Tease A Glimpse Of Red Rising Book 6?

  1. I am not sure if this is just wishful thinking, but in my mind writing a prologue is like placing the capstone for the story you want to tell. The story is complete and the prologue is the tone you are trying to set.

    Like I said, likely wishful thinking. I know the pressure of book 6 must be grand, several friends and I have basically made a part time job out of discussing theories and possibilities. I just wish we had ANY information, a title, a general time frame for release, something! I have given any hope up that 2020 will be redeemed with book 6 (we usually know a book’s title a year in advance) but any morsel of information would be welcome!


  2. I keep up to date through your blog because I’m not really involved in social media, but I am suuuuuper late catching this one.

    The tease he released actually reminds me more of the way Iron Gold opened up with Atalantia being dubbed “The Fury” & giving a little snippet of her perspective without making her a POV.


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