New Limited Edition Red Rising Merch Dropped This Week And Some Sold Out In A Minutes

It’s a real treat when Red Rising author Pierce Brown collaborates with artist Joel Daniel Phillips on something new for Howlers to sink their teeth into. In the case of the most recent merchandise drop over at Shit-Escalates, that came in the form of two gorgeous propaganda posters. One hundred of these limited edition prints went on sale on Tuesday (12/1); fifty standard Gold Propaganda posters and fifty with Ares’ helmet tagged defiantly across the front. Unsurprisingly, the prints sold out within minutes of the sale.

Yes, Howlers had to be lightning fast to snag one of the two prints, which were priced at $225.

The posters were similar in design to the propaganda posters Pierce Brown and Joel Daniel Phillips sold during the 2016 Kickstarter project. Except in the case of these new limited edition prints, per Pierce Brown’s description, these new versions were designed the way they imagined the Violet Artisans would likely have made them, complete with gold leaf.

You can view the full description and watch a video to see how they were made here.

Each print is signed and numbered by Pierce Brown and Joel Daniel Phillips.

For reference, in addition to working with Pierce Brown on artwork for Howlers to collect and display, Joel Daniel Phillips is also the artist responsible for the maps and sigils you’ve seen in the Red Rising books. The two launched Shit Escalates earlier this year. In April 2020, in addition to putting some of the limited edition map prints and other items leftover from the Kickstarter, they also had House Mars bandanas available.

Other limited edition items and made-to-order merch for sale:

In addition to those gorgeous but swiftly sold-out prints, the Shit-Escalates website also had limited edition House Mars face masks for sale. Those too sold out within the first day. Of the limited edition items, some of the Institute patches are still available for sale as of this writing.

Among the made-to-order merch is a House Mars enamel mug, a Gold propaganda iPhone case and a House Mars baseball cap. Because these items are made-to-order, there doesn’t appear to be a limit on them, at least, for as long as the shop is open for business. So if you haven’t already, you can still snag one while they’re available.

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