Red Rising: Sons Of Ares Volume 3 Is Coming… And Also An Audiobook?

Brace yourselves, Howlers, there’s more Sons of Ares on the way!

As we wait for updates on the status of Red Rising Book 6, author Pierce Brown and Red Rising: Sons of Ares script writer Rik Hoskin offered up a few updates on the status of the graphic novels. Not only did Pierce Brown confirm that Sons of Ares Volume 3 is coming, but Rik Hoskin also mentioned working on the script for a Sons of Ares audiobook.

Red Rising: Sons of Ares Volume 3 is happening

The updates came during an hour-long conversation between Pierce Brown and Rik Hoskin to discuss Hoskin’s book Bystander 27 (get it here). As mentioned, Rik Hoskin penned the script for the first two volumes of Red Rising: Sons of Ares. At the end of the chat with Hoskin, Pierce Brown confirmed that Volume 3 is in the works…

“Yes, there will be a third Red Rising: Sons of Ares graphic novel that Rik and I are conspiring on right now. “

Vague spoilers about the Sons of Ares comics ahead (and one MAJOR Red Rising series spoiler. Stop reading here if you’re still working your way through the books!)

Volumes 1 and 2 of Sons of Ares took us back to the challenges Fitchner experienced from the Institute, to his marriage to Bryn, the birth of their son, and Fitchner’s complicated but developing working relationship with Quicksilver. Between the first two volumes, a lot of blood has been shed, to put it mildly.

Shit has a tendency to escalate in this story. And while we already know where it’s leading, the first two volumes have done a prime job of filling out the story of Fitchner as he assumes the responsibility of breaking the empire that is Gold society. It seems that story is not finished being told.

No word on exactly when we’ll see Volume 3, but it is happening!

A Sons of Ares audiobook is apparently in the works

Moving on to the audiobook. During the conversation, Pierce Brown asked Rik Hoskin how he was managing writing during the COVID-19 lockdown. And that’s when Hoskin brought up working on the script for the Sons of Ares audio…

“I think about a week before lockdown, you and I had an agreement about transferring the Sons of Ares graphic novels to audio. So I started on the audio scripts pretty much as we got into lockdown over here, so I didn’t see daylight for about two months while I worked on those.”

From Pierce Brown’s response to that, it sounds like Hoskin got those pages done in “record time.” He also added that he was shocked to see the page length.

As an avid audiobook listener, this update is music to my ears (or spoken word to my ears?)

No other details were given about the audiobook (or audiobooks? If they’re planning on doing one per volume…), so we’ll have to wait for more updates on that. But I’d love it if they were able to get Tim Gerard Reynolds — narrator of the first three Red Rising audiobooks and Darrow’s POV in the sequel books — to return to narrate Sons of Ares. Not only is Reynolds a fantastic narrator, but he’s also the voice of Fitchner in my head.

But I’m not being choosy about anything related to this. The fact that this is apparently a thing that’s in the works is reason enough to celebrate, boyo.

The full conversation between Pierce Brown and Rik Hoskin also includes:

  • Pierce Brown questioning his evilness
  • Rik Hoskin’s nostalgic fondness for Howard the Duck
  • Their outlining and writing process.
  • The challenges of writing during lockdown.
  • Whether or not Bystander 27 might get a sequel.

Check it out below…

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