Red Rising Book 6 News Is Coming (and soon, from the sound of it)

A Red Rising Book 6 announcement is coming, Howlers! A few months ago, Pierce Brown hinted that “announcements” were coming in July. More recently, he specified that Book 6 news was coming on July 22nd, which just so happens to be the same day the Red Rising author is set to appear at San Diego Comic-Con. In fact, based on the schedule for the event, it looks like he’ll have his very own panel at the convention. Before we get to that…

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Red Rising Reaches Its 29th Printing, Pierce Brown Teases Big Things In 2019

Happy New Year, Howlers! If all goes as planned, Red Rising‘s Dark Age will be upon us in 2019. Author Pierce Brown reminded us of as much in a recent post on Instagram, in which he celebrates the 29th U.S. printing of the original Red Rising book. Congrats to the novel that started it all! But Dark Age is coming and Brown’s post also teased something else that will hopefully come to fruition this year…

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The Red Rising Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition Comes With Illustrations And More

Among the things Red Rising fans have to look forward to is Barnes & Noble’s exclusive edition of Red Rising, which comes dressed in a House Mars cover. Those Red Rising fans keeping a close eye on what’s ahead have likely already seen (and possibly pre-ordered) this exclusive edition of Pierce Brown’s original novel, however new information has been released about the book, courtesy of the Barnes & Noble blog. Continue reading