Red Rising Reaches Its 29th Printing, Pierce Brown Teases Big Things In 2019

Happy New Year, Howlers! If all goes as planned, Red Rising‘s Dark Age will be upon us in 2019. Author Pierce Brown reminded us of as much in a recent post on Instagram, in which he celebrates the 29th U.S. printing of the original Red Rising book. Congrats to the novel that started it all! But Dark Age is coming and Brown’s post also teased something else that will hopefully come to fruition this year…

As maddeningly teasy as that last part is, I’ll take any kind of update about the Red Rising series right now. Pierce Brown has been pretty quiet on Twitter over the last month or so, presumably (and hopefully) enjoying some much deserved time off and away from the ever-churning social media machine. So while we don’t need a reminder that Dark Age (and maybe more) is coming, it’s exciting nonetheless.

Beyond Red Rising book 5, which is slated to drop this July, Brown’s post included this vague little nugget…

 I can’t wait to share with you the culmination of years worth of work in 2019, and IF all goes well I’m not just talking Dark Age.

Years worth of work…

What could he possibly be referring to when he says he’s not just talking about Dark Age? My first and favorite guess is the promised eventual update on the Red Rising TV show that’s in the works. We don’t have a ton of information about the project, beyond the fact that Pierce and some unnamed others are collaborating on the potential adaptation, and that it’s eyed for a streaming service.

Years worth of work would certainly apply here, when taking into account the originally planned movie adaptation, which has since been scrapped. Getting Red Rising to the screen is likely no easy feat, but here’s hoping 2019 does bring a substantial update to the project. Preferably, at the very least, in the form of some kind of official commitment from a streaming service or network.

Beyond that semi-obvious guess, it could be that Pierce Brown has something else in the works, either related or unrelated to Red Rising. Is it even possible that he has time to work on anything outside of the Red Rising universe? I’m torn on the very idea of that, to be honest. I want all the Red Rising Brown has time and creative energy to give us, but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to read other writings from him outside the Howlerverse.

I’m a greedy Howler. No bloodydamn apologies.

Happy 29th U.S. edition, Red Rising.

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