One More Reason To Preorder Dark Age

As though we needed more reasons to preorder Dark Age, Pierce Brown is offering up a free Howler holiday card featuring never-before-seen character art to those dedicated Howlers who submit their pre-order receipt for Dark Age before the December deadline.

Pierce Brown spread the good news today, including a link to the form where you can submit your information, including your mailing address (U.S. only) and a copy of the receipt. The deadline to enter is December 3, 2018…


In addition to the U.S. address requirement, there’s some other fine print. Must be 13 to enter, only one entry per email and per IP address. You can read the rest of the specifics at the bottom of the form.

This is a fun incentive to make sure you have your book on order. It’s also one more opportunity to get to see some new artwork connected to the Red Rising series. Plus, who doesn’t love Howler mail?

And if Red Rising artwork is your thing, don’t forget, we have the Barnes & Noble edition of Red Rising arriving later this month (October 23). That’s also set to include a few illustrations.

‘Tis the season to be howly.

Dark Age is set to drop February 12, 2019.

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