Red Rising Roundup: B&N Exclusive Edition, Pierce Brown’s New Site And More

While we continue to await the arrival of Dark Age, some new Red Rising goodies dropped today. Barnes & Noble released their exclusive edition of Red Rising. The Iron Gold paperback became available to buy in the U.S.. And last but certainly not least, Pierce Brown launched his new website!

Barnes & Noble’s Exclusive Red Rising edition

I actually preordered a signed copy of the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Red Rising edition, but then, leaving work today, I found myself driving to the nearest Barnes & Noble just to see if they had it. Which they did (unsigned). And then I bought it, because it would be rude not to, right? Also, I have no will power, which would explain the Godiva chocolate bar I impulse bought upon checkout.

On the bright side, I got 20% off the book. Oddly, the preordered copy wasn’t available with the discount (I’ll update if it’s applied retroactively). The signed copies that were available for preorder at B&N are now out of stock, however you can get the unsigned copy (currently 20% off) at Barnes & Noble’s site or in store.

As we previously reported, the B&N exclusive edition of Red Rising includes multiple black and white illustrations. One is set on the page before Pierce Brown’s new preface and the others are set before the title page of each part. They’re gorgeous and well worth owning yet another copy of Red Rising… or two more copies, if you’re me and have no self control.

Going back to the mentioned preface from Howler 1 himself, Pierce Brown… The Red Rising author launched a brand new website today. One that compiles everything Howlers should be looking for when they’re not immersed in one of his books…


In addition to information about the books, the new site includes an essay from Pierce Brown, which is (more or less) the new preface included in the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of Red Rising.  It offers some fantastic and inspiring insights into Brown’s life. More specifically, it delves into his mindset as he discovered his calling to be a writer, which began with a love for stories at a young age but didn’t turn into his chosen profession until much later.

That’s how stories have always felt to me—huge, magical, strange. Over sized emotions and worlds stuffed between the flaps of a book or told across a campfire. Even the worst help you escape your world, while the best help you understand it. I needed that as a kid, because I never much felt like I had a place on this planet. – Pierce Brown

Anyone struggling with what they really should be doing with their lives should give it a read before they go writing off their dream job. also has a forum where Howlers can ask the writer questions and geek out together over the books. And there’s a store page that showcases Pierce Brown’s books for sale (or preorder) and the merch available for Red Rising fans (including the amazing Badali Jewelry Red Rising items and the Out of Print Tees Howler shirt).

Iron Gold Paperback

Last but not least, Iron Gold is now available on paperback in the U.S. I didn’t buy one of those today at B&N, because I already own more than a few Iron Gold copies. Also I didn’t see any when I was wandering around the store. But I did spot this lovely display for Red Rising among the Sci-fi books…

Red Ring books

It’s nice to see the series getting a bit of extra attention on the shelf.

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