The Red Rising Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition Comes With Illustrations And More

Among the things Red Rising fans have to look forward to is Barnes & Noble’s exclusive edition of Red Rising, which comes dressed in a House Mars cover. Those Red Rising fans keeping a close eye on what’s ahead have likely already seen (and possibly pre-ordered) this exclusive edition of Pierce Brown’s original novel, however new information has been released about the book, courtesy of the Barnes & Noble blog.

According to B&N, not only will their exclusive edition of Red Rising come in that wolfish new House Mars cover, but it will also feature:

  • House sigil end pages in color.
  • A new preface from Pierce Brown.
  • Five black-and-white illustrations from French artist Magali Villeneuve.

And just to whet our appetites for the promised illustrations, B&N included this stunning drawing of Eo…

Wow! Honestly gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what the other four illustrations depict. (Darrow as a red? Mustang and Darrow in hiding? Darrow in the Passage? Cassius looking dashing? Sevro in his wolf cloak? There are so many options!)

And let’s not gloss over the mention of a new preface from Pierce Brown. What will the author have to say about the book that started it all?

When word of this exclusive release first got around, Pierce Brown said he thought it might be a paperback, but it’s worth noting that Barnes & Noble has it listed as a hardcover, and the included end pages make me even more hopeful that’s the case.

Barnes & Noble currently has the book available for pre-order for both a signed copy (available online only) and a non-signed copy. Both are priced at $32.00 and set to release on October 23, 2018.

I’m a few chapters away from completing my re-read of Iron Gold. I’m not sure if I’ll get through it again between now and February 2019 when Dark Age (Red Rising #5) hits shelves, but I have no doubt I’ll get the hankering to revisit the original novel, if only to remember Darrow when he was young and carefree dealing with a whole other set of challenges. And he had his whole life war ahead of him.

Red Rising B&N exclusive

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