Dark Age Release Date Delayed To Summer 2019

Expect ‘Golden Son fury meets Iron Gold complexity’.

Once again, the release of Dark Age (Red Rising book 5) has been delayed, this time to Summer 2019. Pierce Brown made the announcement today on his various social channels, explaining that he needs more time to get Dark Age right. The new release date for the book is July 9, 2019.

You can read his full message below:



Dark Age was originally slated for a September 2018 release, but was pushed back to February 12, 2019. This update moves that date to July 2019.

Is it disappointing to know that we’re going to have to wait until July for Dark Age? Of course it is. I’m beyond ready to know what happens next. But books take time. Good books take even more time. And Pierce Brown’s message includes a few things that leave me feeling confident that Dark Age will be well worth the wait…

Far too many times I’ve had my reading heart broken by series that dilute their strength and initial message. I do not intend for that to happen here. Each new book of the Red Rising Saga must mean something. Each book should expand the scope, the drama, the stakes of the world—else why spend my time on this spinning sphere writing it?

Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of reading a series that fizzled in its later books knows this pain. And I have no doubt that there have been plenty of writers who have rushed to hit a deadline and regretted not having more time to get the story right. That Brown is aware of this and determined not to let it happen with the Red Rising series is comforting. Once Dark Age is published, there’s no taking it back. If a few more months of waiting means Dark Age will be the continuation this story deserves, we will wait. We’ll wait even longer than that if necessary.

Now on to the news that actually made my Howler heart go pitty-pat…

DARK AGE is a hybrid monster: Golden Son fury meets Iron Gold complexity on a steroid amphetamine cocktail free-falling from 20,000 meters. It’s a hell of a joy to write, and it is evolving into my favorite book in the series. However, in order for it to grow into its ultimate form, it needs more time.

You had me at Golden Son fury.

And the Iron Gold complexity certainly sounds about right, especially when we take into consideration the added Mustang POV. He’s writing five points of view in Dark Age, so my guess is that Dark Age will take that complexity to the next level.

Golden Son fury meets Iron Gold complexity is my kind of hybrid monster.

Finally, that it’s turning into his favorite book of the series makes me happy (and a little bit nervous.)  I’m not going to lie, I’m actually coming out of this announcement feeling more excited than I am impatient or disappointed.

If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, get on it. And if you’re in the U.S., be sure to submit your pre-order receipt to get that holiday artwork that’s coming out later this year.

UPDATE (April 2019)

Pierce Brown announced that Dark Age‘s release date has been moved to July 30, 2019.

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