Pierce Brown And Joel Daniel Phillips Are Selling Limited Edition Red Rising Merchandise Again

It’s happening, Howlers! Pierce Brown and Joel Daniel Phillips are selling limited edition Red Rising merchandise. The store is officially open, but many of the items are limited in quantity and some have already sold out.

It looks like Pierce Brown and Joel Daniel Phillips decided to go the Shopify route this time, with a store fittingly titled Shit Escalates. In addition to some of the items that were featured in the original 2016 Kickstarter campaign (more on that in a bit), they’re selling some amazing House Mars bandanas, which might make for some stylish face-coverings.

Bandanas For A Cause

The bandana is being packed and shipped to you with love by another artist who is also currently fun-employed due to the Corona Virus.

What’s more, profits for the item will be donated to United Ways of California.

The black bandana with the red House Mars symbol quickly sold out. Now a variant is available with the bandana made of natural unbleached cotton. Here’s a mock-up of what it should look like (more or less).

The Kickstarter Items

Back in 2016, Pierce Brown teamed with artist Joel Daniel Phillips for a truly epic Kickstarter project, in which various Red Rising artwork was put up for sale. Last year, Pierce Tweeted his curiosity at fans’ interest in another Kickstarter-type project wherein fans could purchase artwork and maps related to the Red Rising series. The response was understandably very positive and here we are!

With the exception of the bandana, it looks like all of the remaining products are items that were originally available during that Kickstarter project, including the three super-limited edition signed map prints, two of which are already sold out.

Based on the number of Kickstarter backers for those three signed prints, it looks like the Red Rising and Morning Star maps were almost sold out after the 2016 Kickstarter project ended (45 backers for each). Only 15 people snatched up the Golden Son map during the 2016 event. All three of the super-limited edition — only 50 signed prints exist of each — map prints are now priced at $115, however only the Golden Son signed map print is still available at this point.

The unsigned versions of the map prints are also limited edition (200 of each) and priced at $35 a piece. The Golden Son (unsigned) map print has already sold out.

There are also some great stickers and enamel pins available for sale (while they last!)

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