Pierce Brown Dropped A Big Hint About Red Rising Book 6

There are still more than a few major things we don’t know about Red Rising Book 6, including what the title will be. While Pierce Brown still isn’t willing or able to give up that information just yet, he did drop an exciting little tidbit about the Dark Age sequel during a conversation with fans on Tuesday night. In short, we’re getting at least one new POV in this new book.

If you’re not following Pierce Brown on Instagram, you should be. Not only are fans occasionally treated to an adorable photo or video snippet of his dog, Eo, but lately he’s taken to hopping onto Instagram Live to read to fans and do a bit of Q&A. While firing off responses to questions and comments from some of the hundreds of fans tuned in to watch, Pierce Brown revealed that there will be at least one new POV in Red Rising Book 6.

His exact words were:

Yes, you will have at least one new POV character in Book 6. Probably two.

This is very exciting news, especially considering the POV question was one of the four big things I’ve been wondering about pertaining to Red Rising Book 6. Of course, he didn’t reveal just who those point of view characters would be. The options are pretty vast, when we consider how many characters are in these books and also the fact that — based on Lysander’s presence as a POV character — Pierce Brown doesn’t make it a rule to only follow the heroes’ perspective.

He also didn’t mention if the four POV characters remaining at the end of Dark Age would be returning as POV characters in Book 6.

Will it be Pax or Victra or Sevro? Could we actually get an Apollonius POV chapter? Will it be a totally new character? The last two suggestions seem less likely, but who knows?

During the Instagram Live, Pierce Brown also clarified any confusion fans might have over how to pronounce Cassius. It’s “Cass-ee-us,” not “Cash-us.”

And when a fan said they hoped no characters died in Book 6, Brown replied:

Aw, that’s cute.

I feel like that’s not a good sign. But I mean, is anyone surprised?

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3 thoughts on “Pierce Brown Dropped A Big Hint About Red Rising Book 6

  1. I agree that there are many possiblities for the new POV’s. I think Volga is a really strong competitor. And I have the feeling there has to be a POV attached to the whole Rim Dominion-part of the conflict. Diomedes maybe?

    Sevro is less likely, because it would take away all the magic of his character if you know what happens in his head (in my opinion). Same goes for Apollonius.

    Victra isn’t likely, because she will be with Mustang for a great part of book 6, I think. Pax would be interesting, but only if he goes on an adventure on his own (with Electra).


  2. “What a specimen he is. Perhaps we may have a new lead on stage.” Apollonius talking about Diomedes at the end of Dark Age. I do believe it will be the rim POV that has been missing!


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