4 Big Things We Don’t Know Yet About Red Rising Book 6

Following the release of Dark Age in 2019, Red Rising fans have been left to anticipate the sixth book in the series. Given where things left off in Red Rising Book 5, there are plenty of unanswered questions and issues to resolve. I won’t be getting into that here, but there will be at least one MAJOR Dark Age spoiler in this article, so if you’re still working your way through Dark Age, I suggest you turn back now.

As much as I’d love to put together a helpful guide of everything we know about Red Rising Book 6, details have been pretty scarce so far, apart from the fact that it’s happening and Pierce Brown is in the process of writing it. With that in mind, we’re left to speculate about a few of the major reveals that have yet to come.

What Is The Red Rising Book 6 Title?

Let’s start with the obvious. We have no idea what Book 6 is going to be called. In a recent livestream with Bookstr, Pierce Brown was asked for hints about the title of Book 6. While Brown was willing to reveal that the title would be in English (big shock!), he was tight-lipped about what he has in mind for it. He did say that he’s debating between two or three different potential titles. And since I’m terrible at guessing these things, I’m not going to even try to speculate on what any of them might be.

When Will Red Rising Book 6 Be Released?

There’s currently no date set for Red Rising Book 6. My guess is that it’ll be a while before this book hits shelves. Dark Age had its original release date set before Iron Gold was even out. At the time, September 2018 seemed surprisingly close, considering Iron Gold was arriving in January of that same year. Eventually, Dark Age‘s release date was delayed multiple times, with its debut happening Summer 2019. Considering the length of the book and the added POVs, the wait was not at all surprising. And it was worth it, so no complaints.

We don’t know if Red Rising Book 6 will be as long as or longer than Dark Age, but given the story it’s following, we might expect it to take just as long or longer for Pierce Brown to finish it. The author announced in January that he’d just started writing it, so it could be a while before we hear word of an expected release date.


Which POVs Will Be Featured?

Iron Gold moved away from the Darrow-only perspective with the introduction of Lyria, Ephraim and Lysander’s points of view. Pierce Brown added Mustang to the mix in Dark Age. If you’ve read Dark Age (remember that spoiler warning? Here’s where it really counts), you know that we were down one POV by the end of that book. With Ephraim’s story coming to a tragic conclusion, will Pierce Brown replace him with another POV in Book 6? Will Darrow, Mustang, Lyria and Lysander return as POV characters?

It’s probably safe to assume Darrow will remain a POV character, but it’s entirely possible Pierce could eliminate one or more POVs. One of the benefits of the added points of view in the newer books is that it gives us a chance to see more of what’s going on around the solar system, as Darrow is really only one piece of the story. It’s possible Pierce will want to shield readers from one or more of the original POVs in this new book, or else, replace them with another character.

I’d love a Pax POV, personally. And Sevro’s POV, even for one chapter, would be amazing… disturbing, probably, but amazing.

Is Red Rising Book 6 the Last Book?

This actually might be a thing we DO know about Book 6, but since someone recently asked me about it and I couldn’t answer with all certainty, I’m throwing it on here. When Iron Gold was announced, it was said to be the first in a new trilogy within the Red Rising series. So, if this is still a trilogy — I haven’t heard any news to the contrary — Book 6 is expected to be the last.

But… will it be?

I’m not sure I’ve seen Pierce Brown refer to Book 6 as the “final book” anytime recently. Of course, that might not mean anything. So it’s pure speculation on my part that maybe Book 6 won’t be the final book, or that it’s a wait-and-see situation while the next book gets written.

Assuming Book 6 IS the final book in this new story, I’d imagine they would announce it as such when more official news on the book begin to emerge. So we’ll know sooner or later for sure.

And those are the four big things. Looking back at Dark Age and the reveals of the title, the cover and the hints at what was to come in Red Rising Book 5, I’m actually enjoying the anticipation of the reveals for Book 6 as much as I am the actual book. Possibly more, since I doubt my heart can be broken by a cover reveal…

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