Pierce Brown Just Teased An Update Coming By The End Of The Month

A Red Rising update of some sort is coming, and based on some of the things Pierce Brown said on Twitter today, it may very well be the news we’ve been waiting for. Are we less than a month away from learning the fate of the highly anticipated potential Red Rising TV show? Here’s what we know…

A Message To The Howlers

Today, Pierce Brown addressed Howlers directly via Twitter with this message…

Of course, this “culmination of years of secret labor” could be any number of side-projects. And he doesn’t actually say he’s referring to the TV show there. But today, Pierce Brown also replied to a Tweet in another thread from a fan asking about the TV series, and he confirmed that news would be coming by the end of the month, unless he’s gagged…

So it seems like we may know one way or the other if the Red Rising TV adaptation is moving forward by the end of October.

UPDATE: October 31, 2019

Well, it’s the end of the month and it looks like this news isn’t quite ready yet. Pierce Brown Tweeted tonight that the Red Rising update has been delayed, but on the bright side, he’s developing a TV show called Cascadia for CBS. See his Tweet below:

So it looks like we’ll have to wait for the Red Rising update for the time being.

Original article resumes below…

During the Dark Age book tour in August, Pierce Brown discussed his apprehension to offer updates on the potential small screen adaptation of his sci-fi series until they found success getting it off the ground…

“I think we’re in a world that loves announcements but nothing happens. Instead, I’d like not to be embarrassed again and for when we announce it, for it to be a success, not a maybe success, not an option thing.”

— Pierce Brown at Union Square Barnes & Noble (Quote pulled from a video courtesy of Frostbit_Sky on Youtube

As of August 2019, Brown said they had a pilot written and were working their way toward the pitch process to find a network to air the show. He also said he hoped to have news “in a month or two,” which would fall in line with the current timeline.

Fingers crossed that whatever announcement Pierce Brown has in the works will be the good kind. Red Rising has so much potential to make a fantastic TV show. Let’s hope some network (or streaming service) recognizes that and gives this epic story a home for the screen adaptation it deserves.

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