The Dark Age Subterranean Press Cover Art Is Here And It’s Bloody. Damn. Chilling.

If you exist within the Red Rising universe, there are probably a lot of sights you don’t want to see. Near the top of the list would have to be the sight of the Reaper charging straight at you, determination on his face, a razor in one hand, motivation in the other. As a reality, it would be terrifying. But as the cover of the Subterranean Press edition of Dark Age, it’s bloodydamn stunning.

Pierce Brown revealed the cover art for Subterranean Press’s anticipated release of Dark Age.

Check out the Dark Age Subterranean Press Cover Art Below

As Pierce Brown so eloquently hashtagged it:


Yeah, Sam Burley clearly wasn’t messing around when he depicted our hero charging forward, his blood-soaked slingBlade in one hand and what appears to be Pax’s key in the other. At his feet are the bloody remains of those foolish enough to try to stand in his way.

The referenced hashtag is a nod to one of the more memorably gory lines in Dark Age from Darrow’s perspective:

“As a mob they were a single organism. In fear, they divide. In death, they become lonely as I weave them into my twitching meat carpet.”

-Dark Age

Subterranean Press has yet to put their limited edition of Dark Age up for sale, but with the cover art done, that announcement could be coming soon. It might also be fair to expect that those who purchased Sub Press’s edition of Iron Gold will get first crack at purchasing the followup, as that’s how they’ve done it previously.

UPDATE: Sub Press has opened pre-ordering for their limited edition of Dark Age, limited to the people who purchased Iron Gold directly through them. After June 1, any remaining copies will be made available to purchase to the general public.

As for the artwork, someone asked Pierce Brown if prints would be made available for sale. As Brown noted, that will likely be up to the artist, Sam Burley. The artist made the Iron Gold Subterranean Press cover art available for sale over at InPrnt. Hopefully he’ll do the same at some point for this Dark Age artwork.

In the meantime, we can bask in the blood-red glow of Darrow on the move in the image Pierce Brown shared.

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