Pierce Brown Is Back To Writing: Red Rising Book 6 And Other Projects In The Works

This is it, Howlers. After months of recharging his batteries, so to speak, it looks like Pierce Brown is headed back to his writing desk. The Red Rising author posted an update today, announcing that — after six months to replenish his brain — he’s back to work. Among the projects he’s got in the works in 2020 is the hugely anticipated Red Rising Book 6. 

Check out his full Instagram post below…

Based on the first part of the message, it sounds like Pierce Brown likens his creative process to a feast, built from a harvest of research and ideas. If I’m interpreting this correctly, he’s spent the last six months post-Dark Age regrowing his crops and fattening up the calf in order to recharge and start the writing process all over again.

This analogy is followed by mentions of big ideas in the works for 2020…

After a six month sabbatical in the wake of Dark Age, I’ve replenished my brain and am back to the keys. Big ideas grow for 2020. Some in film and TV, others in comics, but the Goliath of them all is in books (Book Six!!!) Wish me luck. I’m off the grams for a bit. after all, the best toil is best done in silence.

First, let’s talk about the Goliath, because we’re all obviously eagerly awaiting (and probably a little bit anxiously dreading) Red Rising Book 6. Pierce Brown makes it clear that’s the book he’s referring to in his post. Book 6 has no title or release date yet, but that’s not surprising. Understandably, it sounds like this is the biggest beast (or feast) to tackle in the new year for Pierce Brown.

And then there’s the mention of “film and TV,” which is interesting. We know Pierce Brown has TV things in development We’re still waiting for an update on the status of the TV adaptation of Red Rising, which has been in the works for a while but hasn’t officially been picked up, as far as we know. We also know that Pierce Brown is co-writing a crime drama called Cascadia, which is in development for CBS. But what’s that mention of film? Was he simply combining “film and TV” together in a general sort of way? Or does he have something movie-related cooking that hasn’t been announced yet? 

Finally, there’s the mention of comics, which may be a reference to Sons of Ares Vol. 2, which was expected to release last fall but has been delayed (currently to March 3, 2020, if Amazon’s listing is correct.) 

Suffice to say, Pierce Brown has no shortage of projects to work on in 2020. And with the year only just beginning to ramp up, it looks like he’s ready to dig in once again. 

Best of luck to you, Howler 1. As always, I’ll quote the great Ragnar himself in saying, take your time, we will wait.

2 thoughts on “Pierce Brown Is Back To Writing: Red Rising Book 6 And Other Projects In The Works

  1. Dynamite Comics released a trailer for SoA-Wrath last december. According to that trailer it will be released on the 19th of February.


  2. God I’m nervous. This past book was so philosophical and I won’t more like that and I want Pierce to take his time and think it out but in another sense I feel like Lysander when he said that the wait was worse than the fall and currently I’m waiting for the book to launch me into the hell mouth.


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