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Upcoming Red Rising Books, The TV Show And More – An Updated List Of What’s Coming

What's ahead for the Red Rising series...

Between the upcoming books, the comic series, the TV show in development and other fun things, fans of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series have much to anticipate. In an effort to keep it all straight, I’ve put together what I hope is a helpful guide for what’s coming up.

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Dark Age (Red Rising Book 5)

Due out: February 12, 2019

The fifth book in the Red Rising series and direct sequel to Iron Gold, Dark Age, was originally slated to arrive this Fall, however that date has been pushed back to February of next year. In addition to bringing back the original four POV characters, Mustang will also be a point of view this time around. That alone is worth the extra wait. Pre-order it here.


Barnes & Noble’s Exclusive Red Rising Edition

Due out: October 23, 2018

Currently available for preorder, Barnes & Noble is releasing an exclusive edition of the original Red Rising book, signed by Howler 1 himself, Pierce Brown. Barnes & Noble has it listed as a hardcover, and in addition to the House Mars cover, this exclusive edition will also include five black-and-white illustrations from French artist Magali Villeneuve, as well as a new preface from Pierce Brown and Institute House Sigil end pages.

Subterranean Press’s Edition of Golden Son

There are still copies available of Subterranean Press’s edition of Golden Son. The signed limited edition of the second book in the original Red Rising trilogy can be pre-ordered for $80 over at SubterraneanPress.com.

Series 2 of the Sons of Ares Comics

Due out: TBD

It’s been confirmed that we’re going to get more Sons of Ares comics. No other information is available on the continuation of the prequel series, apart from the fact that more are coming. Hopefully soon, because there’s certainly more story to be told about the start of the Rising.

Untitled (Red Rising Book 6)

Due out: TBD

Iron Gold was announced as the first in a new trilogy, so we’re expecting one more book to follow Dark Age, but it’s too soon to know much more than that.¬†Shit will undoubtedly escalate.

Darrow Iron Gold

The Red Rising TV Show

Red Rising was originally set to be a movie from Universal, however it’s since been moved to the small screen and is currently in the development stage. Getting a TV show to air is complicated business, and the number of hoops through which its creators need to jump to make it happen tend to vary depending on where it’s hoping to land and what their development and commitment process is.

We don’t yet know exactly where the Red Rising TV series may end up, but Brown has said it’ll be a streaming service (Eg. Amazon, Apple, etc.) and that he’s working with a director to get it off the ground. He also recently stated that we’d be hearing an update on it soon, and that the budget is expected to be big. Beyond that, we’re still waiting for word on who’s lined up to be its showrunner, and of course, anticipating the casting frenzy that will undoubtedly ensue if and when this project gets off the ground.

Pierce Brown Signings and Appearances

Pierce Brown recently attended Comic-Con in San Diego, where he appeared on multiple panels and sat in for a couple of signings. If and when we hear any updates on where he might be next, we’ll be sure to post an update here.


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