Confirmed: More Red Rising: Sons Of Ares Comics Are Coming

Among the rumblings out of Comic-Con earlier this month was a mention from Pierce Brown that we would be seeing a followup to the Sons of Ares comic series. But apart from a vague but intriguing Tweet mentioning Pierce’s response to a question at one of the panels he attended at the San Diego event, I hadn’t seen any official confirmation on the matter beyond that until today. According to Pierce Brown, who responded to my post on Twitter, a Sons Of Ares followup is definitely happening.

And that’s about all we know at the moment. No word yet on when we’ll see these issues. Fall would be amazing. It’d certainly be great to have them to keep us busy while we wait the arrival of Dark Age in 2019, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sons of Ares SPOILERS ahead!

Stop reading if you haven’t read Sons of Ares. And if that’s the case, check out this spoiler free primer.

This is very exciting news, especially when we take into account the story that began in the first series of comics. Sons of Ares took us through Fitchner’s time at the Institute and his efforts to find his place in Society afterward. We also got to see how he met Bryn, the Red who would go on to marry him in secret and give birth to Sevro.

As great as it is that we’re getting more issues, it’s not entirely surprising that there’s more story to tell. The first series closed out with some unanswered questions and unresolved issues, including the existence of Bryn’s sister Ryanna (Sevro’s aunt), whose fate we have yet to discover. She was alive at the end of the last issue, but we have no idea what became of her in the time between then and Red Rising.

We also don’t know the story of Fitchner and Deepgrave, which was referenced in Iron Gold. Will that come into play in a future issue of Sons of Ares? Here’s hoping. The underwater prison’s a fascinating location. I can only imagine what kind of criminals (or Society rebels) were living down there back then.

I’ll post an update if and when we have more concrete information on when the new Sons of Ares comics will hit shelves.

3 thoughts on “Confirmed: More Red Rising: Sons Of Ares Comics Are Coming

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  2. One aspect to Fitchner’s story that I find very interesting is the amount of time he was able to remain essentially undetected (by the Society) as Ares, AND how he ascended to being Proctor. By my estimates, we are talking 20-25 years before he was beheaded. That’s a long time! There is so much story there! One could argue a prequel series could be in order after Pierce completes the Iron Gold series. I read the Son’s of Ares and loved it. But the drawback is the obvious limitations in character building. There was mention in Red Rising that Uncle Narol kept Darrow a secret from the Son’s for years, as well as several other “failed attempts” to infiltrate The Institute. With, Brown finishing up the Iron Gold series and HOPEFULLY kicking of a TV adaptation (I say “hopefully” because I’ll remain a skeptic until we get some more substantiated news on it), any hope for a prequel is probably WAY down the road…if it’s even in the cards at all. I suppose time will tell…but it’s so much fun to speculate!


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