Pierce Brown’s Red Rising: Sons Of Ares Vol. 3 Forbidden Song Graphic Novel Releases This Year

To say that my to-be-read list for 2023 is looking both exciting and a bit daunting would be an understatement, especially when I factor in my goal to reread all five Red Rising books before Book 6 — titled Light Bringer — makes its grand arrival later in the year. And now it looks like I’ll need to add a reread of the first two Sons of Ares graphic novels to my TBR list as well, as Volume 3 is expected to arrive this year.

Happy New Year, Howlers! We certainly have som exciting things to look forward to in 2023!

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Revisiting Golden Son: The Best And Most Heartbreaking Moments

I still consider Golden Son to be the best book in the Red Rising series. Strangely, I almost feel bad saying that, as it sounds like I’m saying the series peaked with Book 2. It didn’t and that’s not what I’m saying. For me, Golden Son is to Red Rising what Prisoner of Azkaban is to the Harry Potter series. It’s the book that demonstrated the true depth of the story being told. Highly entertaining, suspenseful, thrilling and occasionally heartbreaking, Golden Son is everything I love about the Red Rising series in one book. Continue reading

12 Unseen Red Rising Moments And POVs I’d Love To Read

I love great characters. Maybe that doesn’t need to be said, as I’ve dedicated this entire site to a series full of them. And as satisfying as the Red Rising books are in the way the characters are developed and their stories are told, Iron Gold opened up the series to new perspectives. In the process, it’s opened up my appetite for other points of view, in some cases, specifically as it relates to moments that played out in the first three books.

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