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Red Rising Book 6 Title Revealed And Book 7 Announced

Red Rising Book 6 has a title and we know when it’s expected to arrive, but that’s not all Pierce Brown announced…

Well, there’s good news and even more good news, Howlers! As expected, Pierce Brown delivered a big announcement today. When he teased some upcoming news, I hoped it might involve the title and maybe some information about when Book 6 might be coming, and sure enough, it did. But this news also apparently involves a seventh book. Yes, Red Rising Book 7! Not only does Book 6 have an official title (and is expected to arrive May 2023), but according to Pierce Brown’s announcement, Book 7 is also on the way. So let’s get to the details:

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Red Rising Book 6 News Is Coming (and soon, from the sound of it)

And here’s what we know about Pierce Brown’s appearances at San Diego Comic-Con

A Red Rising Book 6 announcement is coming, Howlers! A few months ago, Pierce Brown hinted that “announcements” were coming in July. More recently, he specified that Book 6 news was coming on July 22nd, which just so happens to be the same day the Red Rising author is set to appear at San Diego Comic-Con. In fact, based on the schedule for the event, it looks like he’ll have his very own panel at the convention. Before we get to that…

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Pierce Brown Shared A New Update On Red Rising Book 6

In a few months, it’ll be two years since Dark Age arrived. Since Red Rising Book 5’s July 2019 debut, fans have eagerly awaited the next installment to the series. Today, Pierce Brown shared an update on his progress with the yet-to-be-titled Red Rising Book 6. From the sound of it, taking the right steps forward in the writing process required taking a few steps back. Or about two-hundred pages back, based on what the author said in a recent Instagram post. 

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Did Pierce Brown Just Tease A Glimpse Of Red Rising Book 6?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a solid update about the sixth book in the Red Rising series. We know that author Pierce Brown has been working on it this year, however, updates on its progress have been few and far between. That’s understandable, especially during these uncertain times. However, Pierce Brown did drop a screenshot on his Instagram stories this week that appears to be the start of Red Rising Book 6.

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Pierce Brown Dropped A Big Hint About Red Rising Book 6

There are still more than a few major things we don’t know about Red Rising Book 6, including what the title will be. While Pierce Brown still isn’t willing or able to give up that information just yet, he did drop an exciting little tidbit about the Dark Age sequel during a conversation with fans on Tuesday night. In short, we’re getting at least one new POV in this new book.

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4 Big Things We Don’t Know Yet About Red Rising Book 6

Following the release of Dark Age in 2019, Red Rising fans have been left to anticipate the sixth book in the series. Given where things left off in Red Rising Book 5, there are plenty of unanswered questions and issues to resolve. I won’t be getting into that here, but there will be at least one MAJOR Dark Age spoiler in this article, so if you’re still working your way through Dark Age, I suggest you turn back now.

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Pierce Brown Is Back To Writing: Red Rising Book 6 And Other Projects In The Works

“After a six month sabbatical in the wake of Dark Age, I’ve replenished my brain and am back to the keys.”

This is it, Howlers. After months of recharging his batteries, so to speak, it looks like Pierce Brown is headed back to his writing desk. The Red Rising author posted an update today, announcing that — after six months to replenish his brain — he’s back to work. Among the projects he’s got in the works in 2020 is the hugely anticipated Red Rising Book 6. 

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Pierce Brown On Brainstorming Red Rising Book 6 And Refilling The Tank

This article contains NO spoilers from Dark Age.

Though Dark Age has only just released, I doubt I’m alone in being very excited to hear any tidbits Pierce Brown might have to offer about the yet-to-be-titled sixth book in the Red Rising series. Brown has been on tour to promote Dark Age over the past couple of weeks. Naturally, fans have already begun asking about Red Rising Book 6.

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