Red Rising Book 6 Title Revealed And Book 7 Announced

Well, there’s good news and even more good news, Howlers! As expected, Pierce Brown delivered a big announcement today. When he teased some upcoming news, I hoped it might involve the title and maybe some information about when Book 6 might be coming, and sure enough, it did. But this news also apparently involves a seventh book. Yes, Red Rising Book 7! Not only does Book 6 have an official title (and is expected to arrive May 2023), but according to Pierce Brown’s announcement, Book 7 is also on the way. So let’s get to the details:

Light Bringer (Book 6) and Red God (Book 7)

For those of us who couldn’t be at San Diego Comic-Con today for Pierce Brown’s panel, the Red Rising author posted this on his Instagram to reveal the titles of Red Rising Books 6 and 7:

The photo shows what appears to be two temporary book covers, the first of which is titled Light Bringer and the second of which is titled Red God. Pierce Brown’s caption notes that Light Bringer will arrive in May 2023. Red God will arrive “soon after.” 

Sadly, I was not at SDCC so I didn’t get to attend his panel — hopefully the Howlers who did had an amazing time! — but among Howler 1’s Instagram stories was a snippet from the panel, where he says:

“This book — I was trying to do too much, so the sixth book will not be the last one, there will be a seventh book following it.” 

Pierce Brown, SDCC 2022

That the seventh book’s title should begin with “Red” seems particularly fitting, should it presumably turn out to be the actual final book in the series. Heck, just the sight of the word “Red” in that font on the temporary book cover for Red God gives me a warm sort of nostalgic glow (mixed with a myriad of flashbacks of Book 1 moments, not all of which are all that warm and glowy, but still…) Of course, we’re left to wonder and anticipate what moments these next two books will bring.

Pierce Brown’s post doesn’t mention a specific date for Light Bringer‘s arrival beyond May 2023, but Penguin Random House’s page for the book currently says May 16, 2023 (and there are multiple options for places where you can pre-order it). So that may be when we can expect Book 6 to release, assuming the date sticks. In the meantime, that’s a lot of good news! And while May 2023 isn’t exactly right around the corner from now, it does give us plenty of time to revisit the first five books in the series in preparation and anticipation for Light Bringer.

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