Tommy Arnold’s Morning Star Artwork Is Available To Buy For A Very Limited Time

It’s happening, Howlers. For a very limited time, the print for Tommy Arnold’s Subterranean Press artwork for Morning Star is available for purchase. The window to buy this artwork is a mere 72 hours after which it may be sold out for good. If you haven’t seen the artwork Tommy Arnold did for the Subterranean Press edition of Morning Star, you can check it out below…

Morning Star Tommy Arnold Artwork

Artwork by Tommy Arnold/

Get Morning Star or Get all three prints

Just as Morning Star is a part of a trilogy, so too is this artwork, which is for sale until Friday, November 30 (3:00 p.m. EST) for $52. The prints for Red Rising and Golden Son’s Subterranean Press cover artwork went up for sale earlier this year for the same 3-day span. Tommy Arnold still has some reserve prints leftover, which are also for sale right now, but the catch is, you can only buy those as part of the three-print set ($249). As of this writing, there are only 14 sets left for sale. This may be your last chance to own all three prints. And just to get a sense of what this glorious set looks like all together, Tommy Arnold posted this among the photos on his site…


Artwork and photo by Tommy Arnold/

Bloody. Damn.

I absolutely love the way Red Rising and Morning Star Darrows are facing outward and Golden Son Darrow is facing straight ahead. Golden Son also stands out as the center with its lovely golden background. It’s a nice contrast to the white-gray backgrounds of Red Rising and Morning Star.

In the hopes that the Morning Star print would be arriving soon, I actually jumped on a Cyber Monday sale to pick up the matching frame for the ones I got for the first two prints. I can’t wait to get Morning Star up on my wall! Arnold says he hopes to get the Morning Star prints shipped in 3-5 weeks, ideally in time for the holidays. But as he notes, printing queues get a bit chaotic during this time a year. So it could end up taking longer.

For those of you unfamiliar with this whole situation, Subterranean Press has been releasing special editions of the Red Rising series one book at a time. The Red Rising edition released in March 2018 and is sold out. Golden Son released this year and is still available for purchase. And Morning Star is currently available for pre-order with an expected release period of March 2019. Tommy Arnold did the cover art for all three.

Framing the prints

The prints are 12 x 17 inches. Since I’ve been asked about this previously: Here’s the breakdown of measurements for the frames I got for the Red Rising and Golden Son prints:

Outside of frame: 19″ x 24″

Outside of the 1.5 inch mat: 14 3/4″ x 19 3/4″

Opening of Mat: 11 3/4″ x 16 3/4″

A site like will do all of the measuring for you. You select the frame, drop in the print measurements (12 x 17) and make any other selections you want. It determines the correct measurements from there. But the cost for that can add up, especially factoring in shipping. So you may do better heading to a Michael’s to do the framing, or purchasing a pre-sized frame online somewhere.

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