Pierce Brown Is Offering One Lucky Howler A Sneak Peek At A Dark Age Chapter

We’re closing in on a month until Dark Age arrives. In anticipation of Red Rising Book 5’s debut, Pierce Brown announced a bloodydamn prime-sounding giveaway in the form of an exclusive sneak peek at a chapter from the book. Check out his Instagram post below, which is also where you can enter to win…

The Prize

As noted in the Instagram post, the winner will receive Pierce Brown’s third favorite non-spoilery chapter from Dark Age, which comes from a new character POV. (Is it safe to assume that’s Mustang? Or is she not the only new character POV coming…?)

The chapter will be sent via email to the winning Howler, under the condition that they not reveal its contents. Seems reasonable.

How to Enter:

Go to Pierce Brown’s Instagram post and add a comment. Also tag your Howler pack (“friends who you read the Red Rising series with, got you into the series, or who haven’t read the book yet but should.”) One winner will be chosen at random (or possibly by Pierce.)

This seems easy enough and well worth a shot, right? The contest is open between June 24 and July 1, 2019.

For those who don’t manage to snag that coveted chapter, Pierce Brown promises more breadcrumbs for us to nibble on while we wait for July 30 when Dark Age finally descends upon us.

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