Goldsboro Is Adding A Bit More Gold To Its Dark Age Limited Edition

As the countdown to Dark Age‘s arrival grows shorter, more updates about the release continue to trickle in. This week, we learned that Goldsboro Books is dropping a limited edition of Pierce Brown’s next installment in the Red Rising series. What sets this edition of Dark Age apart from the rest? Metallic. Gold. Edges.


Here’s what we know…

First, sorry, there’s no photo of the book with gold edges to go with this news, but we do know the following about these signed first editions of Dark Age:

  • There will only be 500 copies released.
  • The limited edition will be numbered.
  • Each copy will be signed by Pierce Brown.
  • And each copy will feature the aforementioned metallic gold sprayed edges.

Goldsboro has their limited edition of Dark Age up for preorder now, with a ship date of July 16, 2019. That’s exactly one week after the July 9 release date of Dark Age. It’ll cost £25.00. (UPDATE: The Dark Age release date has been moved to July 30, so the release of this limited edition will presumably move to after that.)

Howlers may remember that Goldsboro Books gave us the gorgeous Iron Gold limited edition, which featured red sprayed edges…

Goldsboro Books Limited Edition of Iron Gold

I’m feeling fairly confident that the gold sprayed edges of Dark Age are going to look especially prime next to Iron Gold‘s red edges. Something about red and gold that just works for me…

News of Goldsboro’s edition follows word of Illumicrate’s special edition of Dark Age, which will feature black sprayed edges with a fantastic snake design. More on that here. We also have Fae Crate’s Dark Age Hangover Recovery Kit to look forward to.

In 2018, Waterstones issued a black-edged edition of Iron Gold, however there’s been no word yet (that I’ve seen) on whether they have anything special planned for Dark Age. They do have a signed edition of Dark Age set for pre-order at the same price as the unsigned edition.

Dark Age is set to arrive July 30, 2019.

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