Illumicrate’s Dark Age Special Edition Looks Bloodydamn Awesome

Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?

Because that’s what’s on the cover of Pierce Brown’s Iron Gold sequel, Dark Age. So it seems only fitting that another snake should be added to the mix on Illumicrate’s special exclusive edition of Red Rising Book 5. As you can see in the photo below, this special edition will come with black sprayed edges and a snake stenciled design…

Photo Credit: Illumicrate

Well, isn’t that just prime? The Slytherin in me approves.

Illumicrate put their limited edition of Dark Age up for pre-order this week. They note that it’s the only UK edition of the book that will feature black edges. (For reference, Waterstones issued a black-edged special edition of Iron Gold in 2018. Goldsboro issued a red-edged edition of Iron Gold.)

Not only will you get the snaky edges with Illumicrate’s Dark Age special edition. Each book will also be signed by author Pierce Brown.

Illumicrate has the book priced at £25.00. If you’re in the U.S. and curious about the exchange rate on that plus the £15.00 shipping., my pre-order today came to $54.30 (including shipping).

As is often the case with special editions, this is a limited-edition situation. So, if you’re the collecting type, you probably want to get it while you can.

Dark Age arrives July 30, 2019. Illumicrate’s special edition will release shortly after.

If you’re looking for more stuff to go with your book, don’t forget, Fae Crate has their Dark Age hangover recovery kit available for pre-order.

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