Dark Age Hangover Recovery Kit Now Available For Pre-Order At Fae Crate

Red Rising stuff alert! This is not a drill people. With Dark Age‘s arrival slated for July, we’re now apparently close enough to start seeing some exciting merch-related news tied to Red Rising Book 5. In this case, it’s Fae Crate’s Dark Age Hangover Recovery Kit, which will ship following the release of Dark Age. Presumably right around the time we’re all experiencing book withdrawal and a desperate hunger for Book 6.

Fae Crate opened up pre-ordering for the Dark Age Hangover Recovery Kit this week. The special edition box is not part of their subscription program and will ship within two weeks of Dark Age‘s release (July 30). To purchase the crate that includes a copy of Dark Age and a signed bookplate, the price is $61.99. If you want the box without the book and autograph, it’s $45.99.

What’s in the Box?

That’s always the question, isn’t it? Presumably not the head of a beloved character… right?

Fae Crate won’t tell us everything that’s in the box, but they did offer some clues:

  • The box includes a plushie.
  • If you get the box with the book, in addition to the signed bookplate, there’s also an exclusive letter from Pierce Brown. And “something else exclusive” that “will be awesome.”

UPDATE: Here’s the plushie reveal.

A bloodydamn. Sevro. Plushie. Honestly, is there anything cuter than this?!

And here’s the artist reveal for the exclusive item that comes with the Book + Box option.

Fae Crate says those who purchase the book and box together will receive two stickers set to fit inside the cover (front and back) of Dark Age featuring artwork from artist Niru. (Also, mind the part where it says the photo in the Tweet is not one of the pieces included.)

Should you get this box?

I’ve never gotten a Fae Crate box, so I can’t speak from personal experience on the quality of their Hangover Recovery Kits. However, as I often do when I’m contemplating a purchase, I headed over to YouTube and watched some unboxings for their past Hangover boxes. If you’re on the fence, that’ll give you a look at what’s been included in past boxes.

Keep in mind, this is a limited edition situation. Fay Crate says there won’t be any restocks once it sells out.

I will also add that I really enjoyed the anticipation and payoff from the Illumicrate Howler Box that dropped following the release of Iron Gold. So there was no hesitation on my part to place my order for Fae Crate’s box. Then again, I basically have no restraint when it comes to Red Rising stuff and I need the plushie.

For the kids…

As if getting a box full of Red Rising-themed stuff isn’t enough, it’s well worth noting that, according to Fae Crate:

A portion of all Hangover Boxes will be given to Saint Jude’s Hospital, or charity of the author’s choice.

That’s pretty awesome.

Pre-order Fae Crate’s Dark Age Hangover Recovery Kit here.

Dark Age hits shelves July 30, 2019. Here’s everything we know about the fifth Red Rising book.

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