Pierce Brown On Brainstorming Red Rising Book 6 And Refilling The Tank

This article contains NO spoilers from Dark Age.

Though Dark Age has only just released, I doubt I’m alone in being very excited to hear any tidbits Pierce Brown might have to offer about the yet-to-be-titled sixth book in the Red Rising series. Brown has been on tour to promote Dark Age over the past couple of weeks. Naturally, fans have already begun asking about Red Rising Book 6.

Based on what Pierce Brown had to say about Book 6 during an Instagram livestream at Strand Bookstore in NYC, it sounds like he’s already thinking about the sixth book, but he’s also taking some time to replenish his book-loving soul…

I have been brainstorming for Book 6 and developing the plot for it and the themes. Because between every book I try to consume as many books as I can, as many movies as I can, as many non-fiction books as I can so I can fill the gas tank. Stephen King once said, ‘If you don’t read when you’re a writer, then you’re running on empty.’ So the whole point is to kind of refill the canister.

For me, when I’m writing, I don’t want to be influenced by so many things, so I often take time off reading. But reading is part of my soul, it’s why I became a writer. So I’m replenishing right now, then returning to the fray.” 

So, while it seems he’s already begun to brainstorm for Book 6, he’s taking his time between books to read and refresh before digging into the next installment of this fantastic series.

What is Pierce Brown reading to fill up the tank? From what he told the Strand interviewer, he’s currently reading Wanderers by Chuck Wendig and Tom Holland’s Rubicon. He describes Rubicon as the transition of republic to tyranny within the realm of the republic, “which may or may not have something to do with the next book.”


You can watch Pierce Brown’s full livestream at Strand here:

The Thorne Girl…

I can’t imagine Pierce Brown wants to give up any major details about his plans for the sixth book in the series just yet, however he did drop one potential nugget of a clue about a plot point that’s left some fans curious for quite a while now. During his Reddit AMA, someone asked Pierce what happened to the Thorne girl who survived the massacre at the Gala during Golden Son. Brown’s response:

I’m out here planting seeds for trees, and yall diggin em up like little hungry crows.

You’ll see.

So it seems we may get some resolution to that mini-mystery before this series wraps up.

We haven’t heard any updates about the title of Book 6 or the intended release date just yet. From a recent Tweet he dropped, it does seem like Pierce Brown has an end in mind for the series:

Yikes. Especially when added with…

Repeat: YIKES.

Seeing as I’m still recovering from Dark Age, I’m thinking he can take as much bloodydamn time as he needs to get Book 6 into our hands.

5 thoughts on “Pierce Brown On Brainstorming Red Rising Book 6 And Refilling The Tank

  1. This is pure & abject torture: waiting to find out what happens to all our heroes! But, as Darrow, I’ll endure…
    Write Book 6 like the wind, my goodman! Write like the wind – after restoring that brilliant mind with new twists and turns and horrors! What a staggering imagination you have!


  2. Just finished Books 4 and 5 and donated them to the local public library. As I made my way through book 5 it became evident that Dark Age would not be the last in the series with all the plot threads still to finish.Me thinks it would take at least 2 more novels to wrap things up. That’s fine with me. The more the merrier, right? But then again, what do I know? Anyway, each book in the Red Rising series is a multi-faceted treasure. Can’t wait for number 6….


  3. Honestly I love the enitre series fell in love with it about a year ago and I’ve read them tens of times each since then. The NEED to know whats going to happen with Mars and Cassius is just awful and he leaves many different directions the plot can take. thats what I love about his writing. take as long as you need my goodman because the longer you take the more I’m going to love it.


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