Looks Like Pierce Brown Is Back To Work On Dark Age

With the release of Iron Gold in January, author Pierce Brown hit the road for a tour around the country to promote the sequel book to his Red Rising trilogy. The tour led him overseas to the U.K., and those who’ve been following his Instagram have gotten a peek at his journey. Based on his latest photos, it looks like he’s back home now and getting back down to business. Get a look at the outline to Red Rising Book 5, Dark Age, Howlers…


I want to know which of those pages says “Every character fans loves lives and no one ends up with their head in a box.” Preferably underlined. Maybe it’s a footnote at the bottom of all the pages, just as a constant reminder. Right…?

Ok, let’s be real, it probably doesn’t say that anywhere, and by the look on Eo’s face, I’m guessing we need to brace ourselves for whatever’s coming.

(Vague but notable Iron Gold spoilers in the next paragraph!) 

The highly anticipated fourth book in the Red Rising series left some characters in danger but most of them alive. (I’m still in firm denial about Cassius’ fate.) With that in mind, there’s more to a story than who lives and who dies, and if we’re keeping score, a few characters closed out Iron Gold down at least a few points, Darrow included. Will Dark Age be a turn for the better? The title really doesn’t bode well on that front.

(/End Iron Gold Spoilers)


Right now, Dark Age is expected to hit shelves September 11, 2018. Yes, THIS year. But that’s assuming Pierce Brown gets the story written and edited in time. Judging by the look of that outline, he’s got a lot of story to work out.

In Eo-the-dog’s words, it looks “pawsitively furryious.”

In other news, Lonny did a photo spread of Pierce Brown’s apartment, for those of us who are oddly curious of the author’s living and work-space. Suffice to say, it’s pretty incredible. I’m especially fascinated by the walls of his writing nook. Look at some of the photos included in Sons of Ares’ instagram post (below) and check out all of them over at Lonny.com

And finally, some STUFF updates:

Those of us who weren’t able to get to HowlerFest in January thought we’d missed our chance to get one of those amazing Howler t-shirts. Fortunately, Out of Print has it for sale over on their site.


The women’s shirt is already sold out, but it looks like there are some sizes still available for the unisex one. Get it here.

Lastly, on a more personal note, ahead of my birthday, I treated myself to this amazing custom Funko Sevro from Fandomly Selected‘s Etsy page, and he arrived this week! In absence of official Funko Pop! figures for our beloved Red Rising characters, it’s great to see a talented artist coming up with their own design of our goblin in all his wolfish glory…

He’s amazing! Unfortunately, this custom appears to be sold out for the time being, but I did see a comment from Fandomly Selected’s instagram that they’re considering making more of him, so perhaps he’ll be back for sale sometime in the near future.

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