Red Rising Roundup: Pierce Brown Is Torturing Us (And Other Fun Stuff)

I’ve been putting off a re-read of Iron Gold, partially because I’m amidst another series right now, and partially because I wanted to let my first read of the book ruminate for a bit before I dive back into it. Of course, Pierce Brown likely has no such luxury when it comes to writing Dark Age. The author is busy at work writing Book 5 of the Red Rising series, though he does take the occasional break to torture those of us eagerly awaiting (and probably a little bit dreading) the next installment…

I have a bad feeling about this.

The author literally doubled down on his comment with this reply to one of the numerous tweets he received in response to his diabolical laughter….



So, did he just kill off two characters?

Ok, maybe that’s an overreaction. It’s the obvious assumption, but maybe we’re going to get to see two characters face off against one another. As upsetting as it might be, I’d sort of love to see Mustang and Victra face off. Not necessarily in a physical fight (Victra wins, no question). But a battle of words between those two could be epic, and would probably be a lot of fun to write. To read, Mustang vs. Victra would unsettling… but also kind of awesome? I don’t know. I’m mostly trying to deflect the sinking feeling that comes with my emerging theory that we lose Clown and Pebble in one scene.

Mouna Traore

Mouna Traoré in Murdoch Mysteries

Moving on to other Red Rising business, Zimbio recently ran an interview with up-and-coming young actor Mouna Traoré, whose credits include Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments and Canadian series Murdoch Mysteries. When asked if there were any shows, movies or on-screen book adaptations she’d like to star in, she included Red Rising in her response…

“There are two specifically that I have on my vision board. One is a film adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s incredible novel Kindred. The second adaptation I would love to be part of is Pierce Brown’s novel series Red Rising. I would be thrilled to play one of the villains. I literally have my own fantasy cast written out for each project… oh, and also, I would love to play any role in an adaptation of Yaa Gyasi’s novel Homegoing.”

Yes! I love that Red Rising exists on her vision board, and that she wants to play a villain. If we’re talking the first book’s adaptation, maybe Lilith or Antonia? Harmony could be an option too. Harmony’s not technically a villain, but if Traoré is aiming for a character with a dark streak in her, she’d be a good option. Best of luck to Traoré that she’s in consideration if and when the Red Rising TV project makes it to the casting stage.

Next up, of the recent Red Rising fan art posts I’ve seen lately, big applause to BlackBirdInk for this gorgeous work-in-progress illustration of Mustang…


I’m still working on compiling some thoughts about the Sons of Ares comics. If you want your feedback included, drop me a comment or submit it through the contact form!

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