The Iron Gold Subterranean Press Cover Art Is Absolutely Stunning

Following the limited edition releases of the original Red Rising trilogy, Subterranean Press revealed that Iron Gold would be coming. This week, Pierce Brown shared the cover art for the latest edition to get the Sub Press treatment, and it does not disappoint…

Absolutely stunning.

The Iron Gold artwork was done by artist Sam Burley. That’s a shift from the previous Red Rising Subterranean Press cover art, done by Tommy Arnold. While Arnold focused on Darrow for the covers of Red Rising, Golden Son and Morning Star, it looks like Burley has given us a different perspective. Pierce Brown confirmed that the two men depicted on the Iron Gold cover are Cassius and Lysander. That must mean we’re seeing a dusty view of the Rim in the background.

Excellent. And it’s fitting that we’re getting a different POV here, as Pierce Brown added new perspectives with Iron Gold. If this is the start of a new theme, I really hope we see Mustang on the Dark Age cover. (Sub Press has yet to confirm a Dark Age edition, but here’s hoping.)

Here’s hoping Sam Burley gives us the opportunity to buy prints of these covers at some point.

How To Pre-Order Iron Gold

If you bought Morning Star from Subterranean Press, you should’ve received an email with instructions on how to pre-order Iron Gold.

If you didn’t purchase Morning Star through Subterranean Press, you’ll have to wait until Iron Gold goes on sale to the general public in order to successfully pre-order the book. I confirmed this with Subterranean Press. Their advice is to subscribe to their newsletter if you want to be notified when Iron Gold pre-ordering is opened up to everyone. Sign-up for that is at the bottom of their homepage.

Subterranean Press’ limited edition of Iron Gold is expected to drop late 2019.

As with the previous editions, Subterranean Press has both lettered and numbered editions available and priced the same as the previous versions.

It’s also worth noting that there are still editions of Morning Star available for sale. Get it here.

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