Howl Back: Questions About The Red Rising TV Show And Sons Of Ares Comics

This feature probably needs a better name, but since I want to get right down to it, Howl Back it is. This is a new Howler Life feature where I respond publicly to a piece of feedback I received through the contact form. The first edition is dedicated to Red Rising fan Josh Duryea, who sent me the following email, which expresses his appreciation for Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series and also poses a few interesting questions related to the comics and the potential TV adaptation

“I have to start by expressing my gratitude for this site. When I first started out on this journey with Darrow, I expected an action packed and entertaining ride. The reviews were great and I was expecting something “Hunger Games-esque” (not a knock on Hunger Games)… But little did I know I was in for so much more. Tears, laughter, anger, joy. This series brought a tide of emotions. Frankly, these books nearly ruined my life. I literally JUST finished Morning Star and I’m eagerly awaiting Iron Gold in the mail. Part of me want’s it to get delayed in delivery so that I can remember to shower, eat, work etc, before I fall back into that world.

I’m also drooling over the idea of a TV adaptation–thank Jove Brown scrapped the movie idea. Anyway, to my point…I have located on Amazon what appear to be either graphic novels, or comic books about The Society. Are you aware if these? They do not appear on the Pierce Brown website, and that makes me worry they are not truly from Brown himself, or if they are fan adaptations. Also, do you have any additional insight on the proposed TV series? I feel this would be right up the ally of HBO. It would require a substantial budget (especially once it moves into Golden Son territory). It would also, in my opinion, need to carry a similar level of brutality that is in the books. HBO as we know is not afraid to make heads roll. What are your thoughts and insights?”

First, welcome to the Red Rising fandom, Josh! Sevro would surely not disapprove of the neglect you’ve admittedly shown to personal hygiene due to binge-reading this series. Go ahead and grab yourself a wolf cloak (once you’ve finished your bucket, obviously.)

To answer the first question, the Sons of Ares comics are official Red Rising canon and Pierce Brown was involved in their development as one of the writers (alongside Rik Hoskin). They tell some of Fitchner’s backstory (set years before the events of Red Rising). Well worth a read! A book containing all of the issues is set to be released March 13, so you might want to wait for that.

(For reference to anyone interested in checking out Sons of Ares, though it’s a prequel story, you don’t want to read it before reading the Red Rising trilogy, but it doesn’t spoil anything from Iron Gold.)

As for the Red Rising TV show, which from the sound of it is really only in the early stages of development, we’re still waiting for official word on where it might air and who will be its showrunner.

HBO is the gold standard for TV these days, so I think that would be the absolute best case scenario for Red Rising‘s small-screen home. But Starz is certainly proving itself worthy with the Outlander adaptation, so I definitely wouldn’t mind if it landed there. Speaking of Starz, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more brutally violent show than Spartacus. If you haven’t watched it, it’s excellent, but be warned, it’s brimming with graphic violence and other adult (ahem, sexual) content. Spartacus is a big reason I can see Red Rising on Starz, and Spartacus is also one reason why I’d LOVE it if Steven DeKnight ended up as the Red Rising showrunner, but he’s been busy with movies these days, so I’m not holding my breath. (Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters March 23.)

Beyond premium cable, right now, I really think the best case scenario for Red Rising might be Netflix, mainly because they often order shows straight to series, and because they’ve stood by their shows in the past, giving them time to grow an audience beyond their first season. So if they did pick up Red Rising, I think the odds would be higher than average that we’d get a second season (at least.)

We’ll have to wait and see what updates we get about the potential Red Rising TV series (and hopefully some official confirmation that it’s moving forward.) In the meantime, thanks for the feedback, Josh! As a massive fan of this series, I get so excited when I hear from someone who just finished the trilogy and is all-in on what Pierce has done with this story.

As for everyone else reading, if you have thoughts, questions or general comments on the books, the potential TV show or anything else going on in the Red Rising community, send them my way for consideration on future Howl Back features!


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