Morning Star Subterranean Press Edition Is Coming (And The Cover Is Stunning)

Pre-ordering is open!

Following in the footsteps (or gravBoot tracks) of Red Rising and Golden Son, Subterranean Press has announced that they are releasing a limited edition for Red Rising Book 3, Morning Star, signed by Pierce Brown. Artist Tommy Arnold has designed the cover art for it, and as you can see, it’s pretty fantastic…

Morning Star Subterranean Press Cover

Subterranean Press Edition of Morning Star / Artwork by Tommy Arnold

Morning Star Subterranean Press Edition

The signed limited edition of Morning Star is available for pre-order at Subterranean Press for $80. Those who’ve purchased Golden Son can buy the matching number of the Morning Star edition. There are only 750 signed numbered hardcover copies. (And FYI, Golden Son is still available for purchase at Sub Press.)

The Lettered Edition

There are 26 lettered leatherbound copies of Morning Star available for pre-order to those who purchased the lettered copy of Golden Son (which was only available to those who purchased the lettered copy of Red Rising). The fancy lettered copies are $300 and come in their own custom traycase.

The Morning Star Subterranean Press edition lettered and numbered copies are expected to arrive in March 2019.

The Cover

Artist Tommy Arnold, who created the stunning cover art for the Subterranean Press editions of Red Rising and Golden Son, returned to do the artwork for Morning Star.  Following the announcement of Golden Son‘s Subterranean Press edition, he put the artwork up for sale on his site for a very limited time. Here’s hoping he does the same for Morning Star, as I’d kind of like to complete the set! (Update: It’s up for sale now for a very limited time. Details here.)

More on the way

In their announcement about Morning Star, Subterranean Press announced that they have gone to contract for the next three books in the Red Rising series. So, we should have Iron Gold, Dark Age and the untitled Red Rising 6 to look forward to.


  1. OMG! This is such beauty to wake up to. I really hope Tommy Arnold releases all the prints again; I missed them the first couple times & want them!!!! You’re amazing for keeping us in the know Kelly (seriously have no idea how you get the info, but I’m glad you do).


  2. […] March 2018 and is sold out. Golden Son released this year and is still available for purchase. And Morning Star is currently available for pre-order with an expected release period of March […]


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