Golden Son Subterranean Press Edition And Artwork For Sale (For A Limited Time)

Sub Press’s edition of Golden Son is available for sale, and you can also by the artwork for a very limited time.

Following last year’s release of Subterranean Press’ stunning limited edition printing of Red Rising comes the release of Pierce Brown’s second book in the Red Rising saga, Golden Son. Those willing to shell out $80 (plus shipping) can pre-order a copy now, though you should know there are only 750 copies being issued for the signed, numbered printing, which comes dressed in Tommy Arnold‘s gorgeous artwork:

Golden Son Subterranean Press cover

Subterranean Press is also offering a fancier leather bound lettered edition of Golden Son, which comes set in a traycase and prices at a whopping $300. However that ultra-limited lettered edition (only 26 are available) is only available to those who purchased the lettered edition of Red Rising, which dropped in 2017.

If you’re as in love with the artwork for these Subterranean Press editions of Red Rising and Golden Son as I am, there’s more good news. For a very limited time, artist Tommy Arnold has the Golden Son artwork available for sale on his site, along with the artwork released on the cover of Sub Press’ Red Rising edition

Subterranean Press Red Rising cover

Both prints are numbered and hand-signed, and are for sale until Thursday (June 7) until 2 p.m. EST for $52 each, and he’s offering a $10 discount if you purchase both prints together.

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